Anchorize.js – convert URLs into links

Opera logo Anchorize.js is a small user JavaScript file for Opera which converts plain text links into real clikable links. It works on both HTML pages and text files.

All of the following URLs are correctly converted into clickable links when using anchorize.js:

  • (

If Anchorize.js causes some problems on a particular website or you just want to disable it for a specific domain (e.g. in my instalation I’ve disabled it for Google Search), use an @exclude directive as described in Opera documentation.

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8 Responses to “Anchorize.js – convert URLs into links”

  1. hs Says:

    Dobry den!

    (And that’s about it with my Czech…)

    Anchorize is a nice UserJS – two issues, though:

    - The JS seems to mutilate SpamCop result pages: The “Report Spam To” buttons simply don’t show up anymore.

    - Links on Google’s search result pages are only anchorized halfway through.

    I’m uaing Opera 9.62 under OS-X.


  2. Jakub Says:

    @hs – I’m sorry, but I have no idea what SpamCop is :) Could you please post the link to the particular page here? I think that the simplest fix would be just to add the URL of the website, where Anchorize causes the problems, to an @exclude directive (more information about how these directives work you can find in Opera User JS documentation).

    Links on Google – that’s correct – only the ones which begin either with “www.” or with “http://” are anchorized.

    Your Czech is very good BTW :)

  3. hs Says:

    Hi Jakub,

    SpamCop under is a web-based service to report, well, spam e-mails :-p. SpamCop automatically identifies and notifies both the network sending the e-mail and the hosters for any link in the message.

    That way, you can alert the responsible guys to take down the spammer while staying anonymous. Plus, SpamCop has quite a punch, since they feed the IP ranges of non-compliant networks into the big blacklists used to counter spammers. Quite nifty, the whole thing.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a link at hand, it’s too long ago that I received a spam e-mail, and they won’t process messages that are older than two days.

    I’ll exclude their site as a workaround – thanks for the tip.


  4. Lex1 Says:

    Good script, but you should at least add a «title» in exclude nodes.

  5. Lex1 Says:

    anchorize.js breaks many things on

  6. Jakub Says:

    The problem with tiddlywiki is that it uses client-side transformation of wiki syntax to HTML by JavaScript, which means that the page is first rendered as HTML with the plain text wiki syntax and afterwords the wiki syntax is converted into HTML. Anchorize.js starts its work between those two phases and that’s why the page gets broken. To avoid that, you can apply the same advice I gave to ‘hs’ in the second comment.

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